How to sew Felt Book

I made a felt book for my niece 🙂 The video tutorial is at the end of the post. Here are the pages …

I use this book as a base and added some of my own design. This is the kitchen page …

… Asian style, with wok and the blue gas canister. I try to make the condiments to look like the ones we use. There’s the Tiparos fish sauce , No.1 Hand brand white pepper, and Kikkoman soy sauce . There’s also a refrigerator to store food items :

“Krapaow Kai Dao” Stir-fry basil with fried egg , my favorite food :

Served on pink plastic plate, Thai street food style. LOL

The cover of the book features a word balloon, which new words can be added. The video below covers all the materials and tips + tricks to make your felt book project a success ! Enjoy !

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Similar Materials :

Both acrylic or wool felt can be used. Wool will give the project a softer, denser touch. Both have their pros and cons. You will need a larger piece ( 24″ ) if making the book’s pages with felt. My project is 18 x 20 cm ( about 7″ x 8″ ).

  • Wool blend Felt Pack 24″ x 24″ (Etsy )
  • Merino Wool Blend 12″ x 12″ (Amazon )

I made the patterns by drawing on iron-on interfacing. It adds some body to the pieces and makes cutting out the felt a whole lot easier. You can skip this and use paper and clear tape to make the patterns. Totally doable :

  • Medium weight iron-on interfacing ( Etsy ) ( Amazon )

Magic Tape ( like velcro ) is used for adherence. You just need the hard side of the tape, the felt item will stick on them.

  • Color magic tape : individual color ( Etsy ) / color pack ( Amazon )

Self threading needles are a blessing ! Saved so much time when switching out threads and no eye strains finding the needle hole.

-Self threading needles ( Etsy ) ( Amazon )

I also use Tyvek ( waterproof / tear proof paper ) to add in details. ( Etsy ) (Amazon )