DIY Kit : Thai Floral Wall Hanging

If you like DIY-ing your own home decor, you will like this one ! I’ve put together a DIY kit to make this wall hanging :

This triangle shaped floral decoration is called ” Na-Chang ” which means ” in front of the elephant ” . Elephants are special to us here in Thailand, and during ceremonies they are adorn with this style of head gear. These floral hangings are usually made with fresh flowers. When we want something more permanent we use these floral beads, made from air dry clay :

Very delicate looking beads, aren’t they ? I’ve seen a shop making the gardenia buds ( on the right ). Each bead is molded around a needle, and they hand painted the stem to get that gradient look. The clay used is a Thai formula, which is has a bit of elasticity and not as brittle like the regular air clay formulas.

Included in the kit is a fun Ikea-inspired instruction manual :

with step-by-step pictorials. I have so much fun making the manual ! That little symbol on top of the “A” is a Thai tonal symbol 🙂 The video tutorial is below and you can find the kit on my ko-fi store . Have fun making beautiful things !