How to Sew 6 Panel Bucket Hat + Skull Cap ( Free download )

I may have to head outside in a while, so let me upload the pattern first. Remember to set the printer to A4 paper and 96% scale. Or it won’t be the same size as the pattern I made. Click on the image below to download from google drive :

The video tutorial is here :

will be back to update the post, later !

Updated below :

I made the pattern by cloning it from an existing hat. As I was testing the pattern, it kinda got boring , so I varied the brims to make it fun.

on the last step, mark the selvage line on the pattern. The whole hat is cut on a bias

For materials, thick canvas , jeans material is a good choice. In the tutorial , I used a lighter weight cotton so I added iron-on interfacing ( the stiff kind for making shirt collars ). Come to think about it, if you use iron on interfacing, you don’t really need to cut them on a bias ? It’s all glued into one sheet. Not sure about this thought yet.

I skipped the over stitching on the hat’s crown cuz my machine doesn’t like it at all, uneven stitches all over. You can sew an extra crown in thinner fabric to cover up the raw edges .

I think that’s about it. Have a nice weekend everybody !!!