Accessories to make for your Bicycle

Well, hellooo everybody ! As you can see from the complete absence of updates, this human has not harnessed the power of ChatGPT to write her posts. This whole AI thing is so… Continue reading

How to sew Felt Book

I made a felt book for my niece 🙂 The video tutorial is at the end of the post. Here are the pages … I use this book as a base and added… Continue reading

DIY Kit : Thai Floral Wall Hanging

If you like DIY-ing your own home decor, you will like this one ! I’ve put together a DIY kit to make this wall hanging : This triangle shaped floral decoration is called… Continue reading

How to Sew Felt Grilled Chicken

I’m on a felt food making spree 🙂 I was making a felt kitchen play set for my niece , sewing up breakfast munchies and thought I should add some Thai style food.… Continue reading

DIY Deep Pocket Vest

This vest is great for those days when you just want to venture outside without carrying any bags. It gives you the “Freedom Feels” ( from having your hands free ) 🙂 The… Continue reading

Upcycle a Cement Bag

Today’s tutorial is turning this cement bag : … into a cross body bag, with many looks : The flap can be folded either way, so the design on the sack can be… Continue reading

DIY Planters for Vegetable Balcony Garden

I started a vegetable garden on my balcony back in November. I spent most mornings inspecting my veggies while mumbling to myself. It’s very relaxing. FYI, I live under the equator, so the… Continue reading

Cute n Practical Felt Fabric Projects

The first one is called “Envelope on Steroids” 🙂 This was made to store my kid’s artwork, her drawing board + paper. I use 1 yard of craft felt and kinda make it… Continue reading

DIY Surfskate Strap – Easy , no Hardware !

This strap carrier is super easy and very quick to sew . All you need is about 2-3 meters of 2″ webbing in the style you like. I went for Bohemian style 🙂… Continue reading

DIY Bike Stem Handlebar Bags 2 Versions

Today’s sewing tutorial is 2 different kinds of bike handlebar / stem bag. In Version 1, the bag’s body pieces are designed a bit differently. The front and the 2 sides are combined,… Continue reading

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