Accessories to make for your Bicycle

Well, hellooo everybody ! As you can see from the complete absence of updates, this human has not harnessed the power of ChatGPT to write her posts. This whole AI thing is so surreal, do you feel like you are living in the future too ?

The past months have been filled with cycling trips. I sold my mini velo and went for a trifold bike. Foldable bikes + mass transit systems is the best combo, unlocks so many destinations. The more I ride, the more stuffs I made for my bike. So here they are , in no particular order, all very cost effective :

1. Wine Cork Handlebar Plug

This is crazy easy, just shave off the sides of a wine cork and hammer it into the handlebar :

If anyone tried this and also tried removing it, please let me know how it works. So far, I am still loving it.

2. Mud Flaps from Plastic Drink Cups

This DIY uses scrap pleather, cords , and plastic cups with cute illustrations. The one that says ” Yoguruto” is a new yoghurt smoothie brand from Thailand. Super Yummy ! The black one is a very old brand called ” Nam-Tao-Thong ” which means ” Golden Gourds ” . We like to bring our friends to their shop and make them to drink the unsweetened herbal drink, which has the most bitter taste !

Mud flaps and mud guards are a necessity , if you don’t want to look like a skunk after riding over puddles.

The tutorials ( 2 of them, cuz feeling enthusiastic ) :

3. Roller skates Wheels as Easy Wheels

This one is a pet peeves for me. You know the bike will be top heavy when folded, why the hell you don’t make a wider base ? This also goes for all the clones, you just copy the problem and don’t fix it ! On the bright side, for the sellers, it creates a new market with shops selling solutions to this problem. There is the Omni wheels , the extendable wheels , the Oxello roller blade wheels ( hey, all these are affiliates links, if you buy something I will get a tiny cut with no extra cost to you )

Here is my fix with a pair of old roller skate wheels, washers, and longer bolts. Retro feels :

4. Bookend Front Carrier Adaptor

Yes, the metal bookend from Daiso makes a great base for an adaptor for the front adaptor. It is an adaptor inception :

With this adaptor inception, you won’t have to poke holes into the bags to attach the first adaptor. You can strap on any harder shell bags, baskets by using the elastic belt contraption.

5. A Bonus Bicycle Bell Hack

This will work for the classic type of bells which usually have an extra “hinge” punched inside the base of the bell. You can change the right hand / left hand orientation of bicycle bell if this hinge is present.

I hope you enjoy these bicycle accessories ideas. Happy Cycling !