DIY : Super Simple V-neck Top ( part 2 )

For the love of DIY , here’s part 2 of the super simple v-neck top, in a lighter color fabric .

I use the same fabric ( about 1.2 meter ) for the whole piece in the following tutorial. When you cut the fabric pieces, remember to add 1.5 cm seam allowances all around, except on the bottom piece’s hem which is 5 cm. Also, remember to zigzag stitch all around the edges.

( Link to part 1 of the tutorial)

Follow these steps to create the bottom piece :

Next , prepare the top pieces :

Now, sew the top pieces onto the bottom piece.

Almost done, flip the top right-side out …

That’s it !

Note : If your top piece is wider than the bottom piece, you can overlap the neckline, and/or create an “extended” sleeve.