DIY : Sew a Wrap Skirt

I got this wrap skirt idea after sewing up the half apron. It’s so easy to turn that half apron into a wrap skirt ! The cool thing about wrap skirts is you don’t have to deal with zippers or elastic bands. You just need to know how to sew a buttonhole, everything else is just sewing in a straight line.

The skirt looks like this , 3 panels :


You can use a rectangular piece of cloth to draft it straight of your body. I use my apron to do it ( so I don’t have to deal with gluing paper together ). Just tie it around where you want the skirt to hang.

It looks like it have a waistband, but it is actually one piece. Another hack to make life easier ! I show how it is done in the youtube below :

The button hole is located next to the side seam, I added 2 with a 5 cm distance between them. There’s also loops for the straps, one on the opposite side seam, another centre back.

You can play around with the straps, tie it on the sides or in front, at the back ? Hope you enjoy this sewing DIY and here are some photos of the skirt ! Please feel free to share them 🙂