DIY Thai Fisherman Pants with Free Pattern Download !

After making the wrap skirt, I was thinking about what other clothing I can make where I can  just tie it around my waist. The Thai Fisherman pants ! The ultimate one size fits all , roomy and comfy. I studied my husband’s pair and after several days of hair-tearing pattern testings , I made this baby :

thai fisherman pants free pattern at

… in 10 oz stretch denim , and spray bleached sadistically as an afterthought. The pants’ made up of rectangles ( waist band and side of legs ). The middle panel or the crotch area is dropped, providing a maximum comfort zone.  Here’s what the crotch area looks like :

Sew thai fisherman pants with pattern by

Update : The crotch piece is cut out identical ( not mirrored ). So sorry if I confused any of you. Each leg piece will make up of the side panel + the 9.1 cm pc + 11.1 cm pc.

These pants are huge. I used about 3 meters of denim ( from the wider width rolls , whatchamacallit ? The wider than normal size fabric rolls) :


The patterns are in  pdf  ( A4 paper size ), links below.

Each pattern has a line coded with the actual measurement in red. In my case, when I test printed it out in pdf form, I have to scale the size to 106%  ( no borders ) to get the actual measurements.

I designed this pattern to save you printing paper πŸ™‚  All you need is to print out 3 sheets of pattern. Then watch my tutorial on how to assemble the pattern ! I hate it when I have to print a pattern and  gets 10 sheets of paper with only 2 lines on it ? Does that irk you too ?

In the tutorial, I made a shorts version which is great for wearing at home or as pyjama pants. The fabric is made by Cotton and Steel and it have little teal fishes on it , ha ! :

diy sew thai fisherman shorts pants by

But don’t worry, towards the end I will show you how to extend the leg line. I hope you will have fun sewing up this fisherman pants. Please share with me if you make one !

*update : I’m so happy to see people making these pants. I’ve been tagged on Instagram by someone in Korea who made this pants twice πŸ™‚ There’s also one from Petit Main Sauvage which came out really cool. So, don’t be afraid of this pattern. Just go step by step and you will get there πŸ™‚

*more updates : I made some additional notes , they should be helpful :