How to Sew Fanny Pack with Pattern

What do you do at home to destress from all the virus news update ? I sew and clean mostly. That 30 mins of focusing on making something recharges me. While tidying up my fabric stash , I found the polka dots fabric that I use to make the Charlie bag from Burda Style … from 8 years ago ! It was less than 1/2 a yard. I was only able to make something small … like this :

diy fanny pack bag by

… and I found some scrap nylon in yellow and make a lining for it :

diy fanny pack waist bag

I think they make a great combo ! If you’ll like to try it out , here’s the pattern :

how to sew polka dot fanny pack bag by

I uploaded this onto WordPress media itself, so not sure if it works. Please do tell me if it doesn’t. Print it on A4 without scaling. The video tutorial will show how to sew it and also there is a part on how to draft one out in this boxy style, in case you want one in another size :

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