DIY Origami Tessellations Tote Bag from Craft Felt

This bag was a fun puzzle to crack. It kinda reflects light with all those folds. I’ve seen them on Pinterest, but they are done differently. I think by heating the fabric to permanently set the creases. Now you can make this at home with your sewing machine 🙂

What’s fun is that the bag can be collapsed, it folds up by just compressing the sides. I didn’t make a closure to hold it in place, so an easy way is just use elastic bands.

Note that because of it’s structure, when you place things inside, the bag’s opening will pop open. I kinda solve this by making the straps shoulder length. When I carry it, my arms pops the opening back in place.

I figure out the pattern by folding an origami, then just transfer the important crease lines onto the bag. I started with a square grid.

2 copy


The cool thing is if you want more folds, you just increase the squares and continue on with the pattern. For example, if you want a longer bag, you can make the grid into 4 x 6 squares.

You should sew up all the folds on one side of the bag first. Then copy those fold lines onto the wrong side of the back piece. This is important if you are using other types of fabric that have a right/wrong side. In order for the bag to collapse, the folds have to cup together.

Please watch the how-to sew here :

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Hope you enjoy this strange looking bag !

diy origami tessellation pleated tote bag