Draft n Sew Drop Crotch Pants Tutorial ( with pattern download )

Hi ! I just completed the PDF pattern to make drop crotch pants.  Please click on the link or the image below to download it from my Google Drive 🙂  The pattern should be assembled to look like this :

pattern pc

with the grey squares measuring 5 cm ( 2″ ).  All the grey squares are 2″ not 2.5″ ( I typed 2.5″ in the pdf, inches are hard for me ).

5 cm

Please print on A4 paper with scale on 100%. The elastic band waist can be expanded to 112 cm (44″). The digital pattern is a bit longer than the paper pattern shown in the video tutorial but that is a bonus as I’ve got short legs.

new pattern longer

The finished length of the pants is 84 cm ( 33″ ) with the widest part at 92 cm ( 36″). The tutorial is here, you also have an option of drafting one that fits your size :

I get a bit neurotic when cutting out paper pattern, so bear with me here. First, I cut out the full pattern and use that to cut 2 back pcs from my fabric ( one for the right, one for the left ) :

back pc

Then I trace the back pocket pc to make a separate paper pattern and use that to cut out 2 sets of pocket from my fabric ( total 4 pcs , one set for the right , one set for the left ) :

pocket pc

After that I snip off the curvy pocket opening ( below ). I use the remaining large piece to trace out the 2 front panels on my fabric. The trimmed off piece is then used to cut off  2 of the pocket pcs  ( one for the left, one for the right ) to form the front pocket pcs :

pocket opening pc

The seam allowances used are as follows :

seam allowances

You also need elastic band that fits your waist. I used a 5 cm ( 2″ ) wide elastic band and add about 2.5 cm ( 1″ ) for the overlap ( to sew the ends of the band together ). The fabric casing  width is 12 cm ( about 5″ ) by 122 cm ( 46″ ) long. I like to fix the casing’s ends as I sew up the waistband so I cut it a bit longer than needed.

For supplies you only need your favorite fabric and a 2″ elastic band , which I found one on Etsy , affiliates link of course 🙂 Next tutorial is a kaftan style square top with fun sleeve pockets !