DIY : Hamster Cage – Deluxe Studio Apartment !

This DIY brought to you by my husband, DIY genius, sort of. We found out those futuristic, plastic spiraling tube cages doesn’t work for our hamsters. They walk around drenched in sweat, so the husband built this spacious deluxe studio apartment for them.

You’ll need a large tray , acrylic sheets cut to fit into the tray and 8 rubber edge stopper thingies. Please refer to the photo below , as I have no idea what they are called .

diy hamster cage1

If your acrylic sheets doesn’t fit into the tray you are using, just score them with a box cutter several times and break the sheet off on an edge of a table. You will get a clean straight line. Don’t try to saw it off. It doesn’t work. Also the sheets should fit snugly in the tray to prevent the hamsters from digging their way out. Ours were a bit short. After a few escapes,  we barricaded the short sides with boxes.

To set it up, use the stoppers to hold the acrylic in place on all the corners, like so :

diy hamster cage2

Add wood shavings + hamster furnitures …

diy hamster cage3

I find that the hamsters like deep layers of wood shavings. They enjoy building underground tunnels.

The happy campers :

diy hamster cage4

diy hamster cage5

diy hamster cage6