DIY Cardboard Cubby with Pull out Drawers

Continuing on with organizing my life, I cleaned up the craft jewelry drawer :

diy jewelry craft organize drawer by

Then I went on to attack this eyesore :

diy cardboard cubby before by

This is my shoe box or whatever box I can store my craft supplies into method. Just throw them onto a shelf. Done. BUT!! I now have too many boxes , stored all over my craft room. I thought it would be very convenient to have them all in one place. So I cut up some cardboard boxes and made this :

What’s cool is that it uses up almost all the space inside the shelf. Very efficient and cost effective. Plus, I can take the drawers out and have a box of supplies next to me while working on my project.

In the video , I’ll show you how to calculate the measurements to make the shelf’s frame and the drawer’s dimensions, onsite way 🙂  I use paper packing tape  ( the one that uses water to activate the glue .) They are much easier to work with, so if you stick your tape on the wrong area, you still get a second or more to remove it without tearing the cardboard off. Good stuff, these packing tapes.

Also , for the square cubbies, I made a box frame that looks like this :

diy cardboard cubby box frame by

The one I did the DIY on have the frames built into the shelf. Same technique. For the square cubbies, I also tapered the ends of the boxes so that it is easier to slip them back into the slots :

diy cardboard cubby drawer tapered ends by

Hope you enjoy, the next diy will be  food related ! 🙂