DIY : A Bike Messenger Bag ( WIP )

Yesterday I drafted out a messenger bag pattern like those in the movie “Premium Rush.” Huge, waterproof, swing-it-behind-my-back kinda bag ? This is the first draft, looks like this :


I cut the pattern out from a piece of advertising tarp I got at the ” Thieves Market ” ( really, in Thai the place is called Talad Klong Tum ). I’ve been using it to cover my desk when I paint stuffs. The back side of the tarp is all black, whereas the front is an advertisement of a housing estate which was badly printed with ink runs all over.

I ended up with this :


The line thingy is webbing which was sew with spaces in between. It’s for hanging bike lights so I will look like a Christmas tree.

The back :


The flap is velcro detachable. If I get bored of the yellow “sale” theme, I can change the design without sewing up a new bag. I have trouble sewing this material though. The stitches are knobby no matter how I adjust the tension. Anyone have experience sewing this kind of material ?

There’s a pocket outside the bag ( covered by the flap ) to stash my tablet. Since I plan to use it for getting groceries, I don’t want my tablet to be squished with pork and green onions. The handle is from a computer bag that has passed away.

This is how it looks :


I’m going to tweak the pattern a bit more before I share the pattern.