DIY a Pleated Bucket Bag

A Pleated Bucket Bag Tutorial ! Figured it out just in time for the Holidays !!!

First some photos :

diy accordian fold pleated bucket bag by

I made this from a fabric called ” Eggshell ” fabric. I don’t think there are eggs in them, but just that it’s texture and color is like an eggshell. Just less than 1/2 a yard and one afternoon, you can complete this bag !

Watch the tutorial here :

I traced the circle from a noodle bowl , so it have a funny radius of 8.75352 cm. Anywoo, the circumference is 55 cm. BUT ! by studying the pattern below n watching the tutorial, you can make it in whatever radius size you desire 🙂 You just divide the circumference into equal intervals to figure out your pleat size. For my bag, I divide it into 11 sections ( 5 cm per section or pair of pleats, therefore the pleat size is 2.5 cm )

diy accordian pleated bucket bag by

When creating the pleats, always measure to get the exact size. I eyeballed the first couple of pleats and when I get to the last one, it was longer that all the others.

Any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for visiting !