Remake Ideas : Readymade Pouches into Bags

Here are some ideas I came up with because I was too lazy to sew a whole bag from scratch. Yay to laziness-induced creativity !

1. Dollar Store Pouches to Mini Tote Bag

For this bag project, you will need A5 size pouches. I wanted them in the same size and  design to give them a look of uniformity.  The place to get multiple bags in the same design will be dollar stores.  I sew snap buttons on both sides of the pouch to link them together into a brick-like structure.

There’s a total of 6 pouches, that’s 6 pouches to organize the items you are carrying. Make-up in one, phone in another. Sometimes when I am just heading out to the corner store, I just unsnap the pouch with the money. So convenient !

Another plus is you can swap out the colors by linking them in different order. It’s like having 6 different color bags. All you need is to sew the “cage” to hold them together ( Tutorial below : )

This is one of my favorite bags and I like to jazz it up with enamel pins :

2. Document Pouches to Over-the-Shoulders Bag

Another idea is to use readymade document pouches. Since they are of a larger size, you can box the bottom to make the shape more 3D. If you live in Bangkok, one shop to look for these pouches is Moshi Moshi. I find that their products are more neatly sewn and the components are a grade better than the dollar store type.

You just need some webbings for straps and optional adjustable clips. In under an hour you will complete 2 bags !

Check out the video tutorial below !


3. Quick Pockets with Pencil Cases

Love pockets but don’t want to sew them zipper and all ? You can find some quality pencil cases at stationary stores and use them as pockets !

using pencil case as bag pockets

I also use them to add color to my bag’s design :

The bag is also super easy to make . Who would have known that sewing a cut out handle bag with a boxed bottom can be done with just one simple rectangle pattern :

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 7.06.32 PM

Watch the vdo tutorial to see how it is done !

Please do send me photos if you tried any of them ! I love seeing your creations !

Until next time !