DIY Sew an Apron Wrap Dress ( open back / Japanese style ! )

Another easy sewing project , full of straight stitching and just 4 rows of zigzaggin’ ! I was going pretty fast in the video tutorial :

I shot it in near 4K ( 3840 x 2160 ) and it took sooo much time rendering. You won’t see any difference if you watch on mobile, but on computer screen / tv, maybe clearer. Like a clearer view of my wrinkly hands, Ha !

Here’s an overview of the dress’s pattern :

diy self drafted apron wrap dress open back japanese style by

When you wear it, the short side gets wrap around first. So you have to create a  hole on the other side for the strap to thread thru. I just leave a gap 2 cm from the top corner, then topstitched the 2 sides of the hole.

I think this will look good in denim, with splattered bleach/paint on it. My choice of fabric wasn’t that good, look like auntie 😦  , but I do love the open back.

Also, depending on your bust size, you may have to adjust the neck gape by creating darts. I make 2 and position them near the straps. When making the darts , don’t sew all the way to the peak of your bust or it will create a pointy boob style !