Draft n Sew a Criss Cross Back Apron Dress

This is a fun dress to make. The pattern is cut in one whole piece, bias-binded all around and turned into a dress by just sewing the shoulders together. Interesting, yes ?

DIY criss cross back apron dress

The pink floral one is my first draft, the front looks like this :

how to sew apron dress

My dogs keep walking into the shots, or sometimes they just sit and watch what the hell the lady is doing ??

Here’s the vid tutorial :

I figure out the paper pattern by measuring in proportions ( from the pink floral draped pattern ) . If you are good in drawing, you can free hand draw the back piece’s curves. Just find the underarm point ( smallest part of the back, it’s in the vid ) and extend to whatever shape you like. If you want to wear it as a dress, make sure the back panels are wide enough to cover up your bottom ! You don’t want to bend down and flash everyone XD.

The shoulder straps part was left intentionally long so that I can test how the criss cross would look like at the back. So after I cut out the fabric pattern , I assemble it at the shoulders, then adjust the length :

cross back apron dress draft and sew

Here are a small compilation of criss cross apron dress I found on Pinterest. You can play with the length, width of strap , type of fabric to get different styles. Or if you don’t want to sew it yourself, some of them are sellers ! ( not affiliated , just sharing ideas here )

Enjoy !