DIY Hamster Cage now in VDO !

We got a Syrian hamster for the kid and that tiny ball of fur is growing on us. Even Butter is obsessed with him …

diy hamster cage see thru minimalist with built in hamster wheel.jpg

I like the see thru style of the first cage we make a couple years ago. It’s kinda minimalist, so I went with a black and white theme to create a modern, posh-looking bachelor pad for the hammy. Lux !

Here’s the tutorial. Since this is ver 2.0 , I upgraded the cage with a built-in hamster wheel. It’s space saving as it is attached to the wall of the cage.

His room is a ceramic tissue holder, should keep him cool :

hamster bed from ceremic pot.jpg

He hides food behind his room , in the corner …

hamster secret hideout.jpg

Some notes if you plan on making this :

  • tips on cutting the acrylic sheets ( 3mm thickness) – use even pressure, snap them full force on top of a sturdy table top.
  • where to get tray – ours is from the bottom of our dog cage. you can also find large trays in bakery shops / pet shops or used ones at flea markets.
  • this is a potentially dangerous diy for kids, so please let adults do the cutting and burning.
  • the rubber corners are parts for metal shelf legs. they are used to protect the floor from can probably find them in hardware stores.
  • wheel size –  should be big enough that when the hamster runs, his back is not arched.