DIY Cardboard Wallet with Accordion Pockets

I’ve been obsessed with slim wallets , you know the type that fits in your front pocket, is light weight, and forces you to keep only the essentials ?

Here’s what I came up with :

diy cardboard paper wallet slim design

You will need the following supplies :

diy cardboard wallet by

and glue, double-sided tape, scissors, etc…

The pattern  :

free pattern diy cardboard wallet by

The how to is on youtube :

Notes :

  • Score all the dashed lines on the wrong side of the paper, then fold inwards.
  • Cut off half of the hair pin ( on the longer side ) to make the pin sit flat.  Did that with wire cutters.
  • You can use any silicon wristband as a closure .

I also made one where I set the elastic band with a rivet. You’ll have to do that before gluing the flaps for the pocket piece.

diy cardboard wallet elastic band by

Okie Dokie ! This will make a very lightweight wallet for the cost of 2 sheets of paper !

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