DIY: Sew Cycling / Fanny / Hip Bag from a Market Cloth Bag !

I sew another bag from this market cloth bag :

diy tote bag before pic

( The seller made me buy 3 to get the wholesale price. I’m a sucker for this kind of promotion. )

For this sewing project, you’ll need zippers, velcro bands, D-rings, rectangle rings. The rings are not necessary. You can just sew the strap on the corners, but make sure you have enough strap length to tie a knot ! If you don’t want velcro band, you can just paint something on it, like this tote bag I did recently.

The idea is to make a cycling bag with velcro bands where I can stick badges on. And it have to look cool too. So here is the youtube :

I also made a tutorial for the reflective band :

DIY cycling fanny bag with velcro reflective band by

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