DIY : Asymmetrical Top + Pattern Drafting

The bat wing top was so comfy, I went on to make a second one :

diy batwing top version2

But it was a bummer. Even though the fabric was in the same pattern, the color make me look old, like what my kids would call ” The Human Auntie” ( มนุษย์ป้า ). That’s equivalent to the “ah-sum” or the “see-nai” in Cantonese. Hmpfh.

However, the third version was quite satisfying. I extended the existing pattern into a rectangle, then decided to make it more flowing by changing the hemline :


and here’s how to draft out the pattern :

drafting an asymmetrical top

One side is cropped top length and the other side covers the hip.When you sew the sides, leave the lower part as is so that the stitches doesn’t interfere with the flow-y bottom part. That’s about it. I shall now move on to other kinds of tops.