DIY : Pokemon Go ( Inspired ) Felt Badges Hand Sewing Project

I made another bag out of a market cloth bag and since it has velcro bands, I sew up some fun badges to pretty it up. What’s more fun than Pokemon Go right now ? I can’t wait for its release in Thailand !

To start, draw the Poke ball out in 2-D , or print it out in A4 size:


It’s not all symmetrical, but that’ll add to the DIY character.

Next, grab some felt,poly stuffings,sewing supplies, maybe popcorn too ?  and watch this :

I use this method to make all sorts of felt toys for my kids back then. Using the sticky tape helps keep the felt from shifting  when cutting and adding some stuffings makes it squishy to the touch.

The back can be with pin or with velcro :

diy sew pokemon go felt badges back side

and The Kid already claimed one of them 🙂

diy pokemon go felt badge brooch pin