DIY : Square Scrambled Eggs with Silicon Egg Cooker

I’ve been eating a hella lot of eggs cuz I got a LéKuè silicon egg cooker thingie. It’s from Instructables. I entered my healthy salad system to their Cooking for One Challenge and got one of the runner-up prizes. I thought nobody was going to mail me anything since I was so late to reply to them and that I lived on another continent. But, hey, here there are 🙂

instructable robot apron and lekue eggcups

Robot Apron, yesssss !

The set comes in 2 shapes, round and square. You can use it for bain-marie or nuke them in the microwave.

diy square round eggs with lekue egg cooker

The recipe is super easy. 2 eggs + 1/2 slice of ham + a splash of water. Stir with chopstick.  Microwave (900w for my machine ) 30 secs, stir, then 10 secs interval till you get the consistency that you desire. I didn’t add salt cuz the ham was already salty.

diy square scramble eggs with ham salad lekue.jpg

It makes a super quick breakfast ! If you are a crafter / maker, do check out Instructables. They hold many contests and they give away prizes like Juki sewing machines, iPads, Harry Potter Remote Control Wands, etc … You never know you may win something !