DIY Sewing Tote Bag from a Market Cloth Bag

A tote bag diy where this market cloth bag :

diy tote bag before pic

turns into these graphic tote bag :

diy tote bag remake to 4 designs

There’s a set of clips at the sides of the bag where when clipped together, it’ll change the shape. I painted it in two colors so it can be styled in a cool style or a sweeter one. When painting the bag, make sure to cover up everything you are not painting, including the opening inside. Mine was quite messy.

The market bag has a flat square shape. If you plan to make one, don’t worry so much about the dimensions. Just cut the bag so that it forms a rectangular shape. Then sew the bottom corners to give the bag some shape.

diy tote bag cutting off bottom

I use the cut-off bottom to make an inner pocket. Then I shortened the handles and use the cut-off piece to make the side clips. The tote bag can be make completely with this one bag. The velcro that came  with the bag can be use to make the closure on the side clip.

The whole DIY is here :