DIY Triangular Spa Cushion

Diy triangular spa cushion.pngIt took me 2 tries  and lots of staring into space , slowly deconstructing the cushion into one linear piece before I got it. On the first try, I thought I could just sew a long row of triangle tubes…

first try triangle spa pillow1

Stuff them up and roll them into a triangle wedge shape …

first try triangle spa pillow.jpgThat did not work. However, it did made a nice firm back rest when draped over a chair. My dad owns it now.  I realised that the reason the roll won’t bend was because I didn’t create the corners of the triangle. On the photo below, 2 sides of the triangles are sewn on the same fabric to create the triangle shape :

diy trianglular spa cushion1

So I came up with this pattern ( and a youtube vdo at the end of the post ) :


I added interfacing on my outer fabric to stiffen it up a bit. If you like a wider pillow, just increase the width from 15″ to the amount you want.

I also numbered the triangles so you’ll know where you are at. The 3 triangles on the outside fabric will form the corners, hence the shape of the triangle. For triangle #10, you have to sew it into a tube, leaving one side of a triangle open to flip the tube. Stuff it with polyester filling and insert it into the centre ( last step ).


It may seem confusing at first, but if you got all the triangles in the right spots, things should go well.


Watch the  vdo  to get an idea how the whole thing is put together. ( for some strange reason i can’t add the whole vdo to my post.. maybe it’s the magic mouse. Today it decided it won’t do any right clicks. I’m so confused. )

*update : finally got the vdo embedded, enjoy 🙂

Notes :

  • After you sew all the triangles on the inside and outside fabric, sew up one long side by aligning the triangles into their respective slots.
  • After that, flip it so the correct side is facing you, then sew down to form the tubes. Since the other side is not sewn, you will have an opening to put the stuffings in.
  • You have to get the stuffings in as stiff as you can. I use my hammer’s handles to push them in. This style of cushion is very stiff.

Okay, that’s all for now.

*updated photo for sharing on pinterest :

diy thai triangular spa cushion by

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