DIY Corset Belt with Pattern n Updates

Hey 🙂 Happy New Year. This year will be better, we must have faith 🙂

During December, I padded up my dress form to my actual size and tested it with some sewing projects.

The first project, I made a pencil skirt following Nick Verreos draping tutorial on youtube. The kick pleats I learned from Professor Pincushion. I also drafted this A-line skirt by Kondo’s Draping Library .

This is a new channel and it is pretty good. After he show you the draping, he also teaches you how to true up the lines. After watching many hours of draping videos, I decided to practice on a low risk project, so I draped a corset belt which turned out like this :

The how-to-sew is below , with instructions to set grommets and add boning. It uses very little fabric. I just use an old pair of jeans for this belt :

If you want to try sewing this belt, the pattern can be downloaded on my Ko-fi shop. Don’t worry, it’s free 🙂 I want to move my things in one place and most probably, it will be on Ko-fi.

Now for some additional notes ! I start with cutting out my interfacing first. Then I iron them onto the main pieces, add the seam allowance ( 1.5 cm ) and then use those pieces to cut out the lining pieces. Saves time 🙂 This is how I place them on my interfacing ( which is an iron-on type with glue on one side ) :

I think this is the only part I was worried about not being clear in the video. If you have any questions, feel free to ask !