DIY Sweet Heart Corset Top

After figuring out the Corset Belt in the last post, I thought, hmmm, I should level up and tackle the corset top. To work up confidence, I binge watch this video from Kondo’s Draping Library :

Then I made the drape …

Then I sew it up …

Surprisingly, the sewing steps are almost the same as the corset belt. I was afraid I couldn’t flip the corset back to the correct sides, so I left a much bigger hole to flip the top over. Also I use round plastic piping instead of flat boning. I just want to finish up that roll of piping.

This project uses very little fabric. You can definitely cut them out of a men’s shirt. Just make sure you match the shirt’s grain line to the arrows on the pattern. The pattern is here . Total 4 pages, print on A4, 100% scale. It does not include seam allowances. It’s important to mark all the sides with the waist line and the stars, hearts, etc … It will help you match up the pieces as you sew.

Oh yeah when I say ” zigzag all the pcs ” , it means in two sets. Zigzag the outer shell combo in one go, and then the actual lining pcs.

If you want to alter the size, the easy way is to move the center back line forward or backwards. Just make sure that the seams that hits the bust points stays in the same position. These tops are meant to be worn tight, so make it 1″ smaller than your size.

Alrightee ! Until next time, xoxo 🙂