DIY a Summer Dress and Bias Binding Tutorial

This is an easy self-drafted dress with a deep V neckline that is easy to bind ! I’m still in a green color mode, this color is just so popping stimulating. Like an anti-depressant pill that you suck in with your eyes !

Instead of cutting the dress pattern into 2 front and back piece, I did it in 4 pieces. This makes binding the neckline a breeze. I also made a reference tutorial on how to make bias binding here :

The funny thing is I used to premark the fabric piece before joining them into a tube ? Then I get all neurotic trying to match all the lines. Which is totally unnecessary ! Once you offset the desired width , everything should fall into place.

I usually leave the binding as is without ironing the edges. This way you can use the binding as single or double fold, adjust the seam allowance and you get different binding sizes. You can also turn them into piping edges or cords for your projects ! The versatility !

Oh ! Another exciting thing is I am getting link backs from people who tried my tutorials. So happy to see them ! All the time I was wondering if I was making sense explaining how to make something. There’s the Thai Fisherman Pants from Petit Main Sauvage which turned out so pretty in the culotte length and the Thai Triangle Pillow from drgnlis on Reddit  which I think is quite a difficult project to tackle. Thanks so much for trying them out !