The Elevated Bike Path – Found !

When I first heard of an elevated bike path in Bangkok’s city center, I thought it was an urban folklore. A mythical place where you only hear of, but never see. I’ve been to Lumpini Park numerous times, never once did I spot this elevated bike path.

I went to check it out as I was taking the bike to Emporium . The way up to the bike path is at the Witthayu road corner of Lumpini Park. No wonder I’ve never seen it. You have to come out of Lumpini Park, cycle a bit on Witthayu road , then pop back onto the sidewalks get to the foot of the bridge :OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Then you push your bicycle up the bridge and a couple of steps later, you see this :


Pushing your bike up and down flights of stairs is the deal here. The path cuts over the highway …


This bike path is mostly underutilized … nobody … biking … here … getting … creepy …

lumpini elevated bike path5

may not be a smart place to be when it gets dark … unless you are a graffiti artist.


I did pass by humans, less than five human beings. I took the path to the Benjakiti Park. If you cross the wooden bridge , you’ll pop out of Sukhumvit Soi 10.

lumpini elevated bike path6

If you want to exit to the Ratchadpisek Rd ( near the Asoke intersection ), you just go straight till you reach the end of the pathway. There is a small stairway you can take to get onto the Ratchadapisek Rd. Please refer to my little map below :

lumpini elevated bike path map

Hope you enjoy this post. Have a great day !