Japanese Sewing Pattern Book for Sale and a V-neck top DIY

Today’s DIY is from this book which you can find it in my storenvy store  :
Sewing Comfy Clothes in a Day No. 2

This is a Thai version of  the Japanese sewing pattern book ” Boutique Mook No. 716 “. The projects and format in the book are like the original Japanese ones but are translated  into Thai. I’m making this v-neck top with this cotton fabric.
v neck blouse sewing1

The book comes with the original size patterns. Mine is  on the A side.

v neck blouse sewing2

I use office copy paper to trace it out. You can make a large sheet of copy paper by just sticking the edges together with double sided tape. I made mine a couple of years ago, works really well and is super cost-effective.v neck blouse sewing 4

This part freaked me out initially. The pattern was split in two !v neck blouse  sewing 3

Then I realized it wasn’t a bad thing. I can now use up all those scrap paper from past projects 🙂v neck blouse sewing5

The completed ( patched up ) pattern pieces :v neck blouse sewing 6

The instructions are like the Japanese ones, full of illustrations. If you want to see more samples of the projects in the book , I’ve added them in saltymom.storenvy.com

sewing comfy clothes in a day review

The finished V-neck and my blurry face 🙂

v neck blouse sewing