Bangkok Bike Routes : Bang Kra Jao – Urban Oasis

Who would have known that by just crossing the river, you’ll leave behind this concrete jungle…


and step into this lush green forest ?

ban kra chao bicycle trip2

filled with pathways, just perfect for cycling …

ban kra jao bicycle trip1There is much to explore at Ban Kra Jao. You can get to this “island” by taking the boat/ferry across the river. The pier at Sampunwut Road costs only 7 Bht to cross the river, yes, with your bicycle, on a big sturdy ferry too. If you bring kids along, you can park at the Wat Bang Nam Phueng Nok Temple…

ban kra jao ban nam phueng bike map

more detail google map < here >

which is very near the Bangkok Tree house, a favorite must-visit place for the urban cyclists. This little green boutique hotel is full of surprises, around every nook and corner there is a photo opportunity. Facebook selfies addict will have the time of their lives there.


Did you know that if you order plain water, they’ll bring it to you in a jug and it’s for free ? Of course, don’t be a cheap skate and order something that costs money ! 😉  Money funds creativity, ya know.

Here’s a beautiful chalkboard wall map … so many places I still haven’t been to…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the way to the Ban Nam Phueng Floating Market, we found this green bike path. The color is like a Ghibli anime.

ban kra chao bicycle trip1

On our last trip we had noodles at this shop called ” Nuea Toon MongKong” ( Dragon Stew Beef ). They have the most amazing dining tables …

ban nam phueng bike tripban nam phueng bike food trip1ban nam pueng bike tripThe place is bike friendly, you can park at their underground floor. The owner is also very friendly.

Next up, is the Bang Nam Phueng Floating market. I’ve never walked all the way to the floating market area, always short on time. This market only opens on the weekends and holidays . It’s very lively and food is everywhere !OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are the coin munching machines that used to devour a good part of my allowance money when I was a kid. They are  like Kinder Balls except without the chocolate coating and the toy inside is crap. But it was lotsa fun for me when I was a kid. Oooo, surprises, I love surprises !!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The drink menu , a cup of hot coffee is still 20 Bht here ! Hot milk , 10Bht . *me faints*OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Ta-Ling-Ping” , must be an indigenous fruit there. So tangy ..taling ping2and goes so well with the “mien” ( coconut flake concoction ). You must try this if you go there !

taling ping1If you’ve been to this place , leave me some suggestions for my next trip !