Repainting planter and Koala March Balls

Totally unrelated is what I do on some afternoons. I was repainting a too-shabby and not-so-chic wooden planter that was turning into an eyesore …

planter idea1and decided to do the Koala March Choco Ball experiment instead of touching the paint to test its dryness. This was very popular a year ago. Yes, this is another one of my draft posts.

We have 3 boxes, we’re big fans..

koala march choco ball1

Koala March are cream filled biscuits that looks like this :

koala march vhoco ball2Cute snack huh ? It is said that if you shake an unopened box vigorously for a full 15 minutes you’ll end up with a giant crunchy choco ball. Crazy huh ?

koala choco ball5I kinda cheated and slammed the box onto a wall so I have to duct tape the box back in shape. All that to increase the centrifugal force combined with Newton’s laws of motion. Amalgamation is what we are aiming for !

After 15 minutes, I did get a choco ball … cool …

koala march choco ball4Another 15 mins later, a strawberry-flavored one … pretty …

koala march choco ball3By then I’ve finished painting the planter and ate all the milk-flavored ones. It was a very tiring experience.

The planter now looks like this in our garden :

planter idea 3I’m trying to get the plants to grow up the strings to create a wall of greenery. They are not cooperating.