How to Sew Felt Grilled Chicken

I’m on a felt food making spree 🙂 I was making a felt kitchen play set for my niece , sewing up breakfast munchies and thought I should add some Thai style food. I tested different methods and came up with this fried chicken :

I discovered that to make something look realistic, it has to do with the base color :

Find the base color on that food item and use it to sew up the piece. For example, for this purple yam cake, the base color is actually this rose pink color :

After I added some cream and grey color to it , it looks pretty legit :

the real purple yam is on the right 🙂

Here’s the tutorial which will show you the shaping and coloring techniques. Also the felt kitchen box I made for my niece 🙂 I will post the pattern on my Ko-fi page, going to digitalize them right after this post 🙂 Have fun sewing !

Here are some links to the materials. They contain affiliate links which will support my channel !

40 color Felt Pack ( acrylic, 1 mm ) :

Non-toxic Permanent Markers :

– 8 colors pack Sharpie :

– 15 colors pack Monami :

Polyester Stuffings :