DIY Scrunchies and Bows

There’s this trend going on here where super large size organza scrunchies is a thing. We call them “donut” instead of scrunchies here. I happened to have a yard of those in my stash since early 2000’s, so it’s about time to use them ! Plus, some fabric scraps too cuz they are taking over my storage spaces !!

They are pretty easy to sew up. Surprisingly, the triple size organza one came out quite lovely . The fabric holds the shape well, there’s the see-thru effect, a bit of shimmer :

Then I tried it on some 3D rose trims, also from the early 2000’s . This one came out with the roses tightly pressed together and could possibly be made for weddings. I based the scrunchies tutorial on this fabric :

This method of sewing is called the “burrito method” where you sew the short ends together first, then wrap it up like a burrito and go on to sew the sides. I left the opening on the sides so I can adjust the elastic band. If you make it shorter than the regular elastics, you can wear it without having to do a double twist… meaning you tie your hair up , then slip the scrunchies on so that it retains its shape 🙂 Overthinker here !

I also sew up some leaf shape bows :

All you do is tie them around an elastic band :

The pattern is easy to draw , various leaf shapes with a stem :

The finished stem should be at least 6 cm long ( giving you space to tie ) , and about 1.5 cm wide ( cuz we flip the whole thing out thru the stem where the opening is ).

I got all my supplies locally but I found similar materials on Amazon ( affiliates links ) :

Go on and start a scrunchies gang ! If you are learning to sew, this simple project will make you understand more about constructing from the inside-out 🙂 Happy sewing !