Sew a Super Large Tote Bag

This grocery bag is huge. I made this for my long time friend. She wanted something with a wide base so that she can play tetris with her groceries šŸ™‚ This calls for a sturdy cardboard base which is removable. Since it is a grocery bag, I lined it with shower curtain so that it can be wipe clean.

Depending on how you finish the bag’s opening, the height can be between 34 -39 cm (13.5 – 15.5 ” ), width 47 cm (18.5″ ) , and depth of 24 cm ( 9.5″ ). I use less than 1.5 m of canvas.

Here are the dimensions to cut for the canvas part of the bag, all seam allowances are included :

The lining pcs which is from a shower curtain ( a new one , lol ) …

After you cut out the pcs , you can sew it up following this video tutorial ( I finish the seams inside the bag in a non-conventional way, but it works ) :

One trick I use to get a symmetrical bag, is to center everything using the bag’s bottom as the home base. This pattern is quite forgiving. As the pocket pc ends wrapped around the straps, you don’t have to get the sides to match if it were to cover the entire width of the bag. Here’s a little guide on where to position the straps and pockets :

The bag’s opening have an allowance of 10 cm. If somehow the lining pc gets shifted ( which is very possible as it is a slippery fabric ) , there will be enough space to fold the opening to cover the lining.

If you give it a try , send / tag me your make ! I would love to see them šŸ™‚

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