How to Sew Scallops + Open Back Crop Top Idea

A while back , I tried out a pdf pattern by Wissew called the “Zita” dress by the designer , Charlotte. They also gave me a 10% off promo code ( WELCOMEWISSEW ) to share with my viewers.

I sew one up for my daughter in linen. This is the sleeveless, round scallop neckline :

Then, I made another one using just the top part of the dress and made the V back version as a tie back crop top :

I did the scallops in a different way. The pattern comes with the main front and back pc with their own lining pcs , one for the neckline which is to be interfaced and one for the armhole:

You have to sew the shoulders of the main pc set together into one set. Then the neckline linings’ shoulders into the neckline lining set. Then sew up the whole scallop neckline in one go. I was trying what I had in mind on one of the back pcs and it was easy to film, so the photos below will show just one pc. Please make sure you have the shoulders done first. Let’s begin 🙂

I didn’t cut the scallops out individually, but left it as a band. I transfer the scallop shapes onto the neckline lining/interfacing pc and match the main pc with the base of the scallop ( they are right sides facing each other ) :

After that I sew up the scallops with a 1.5 stitch length to get nice curves. Then cut out the whole neckline at one go. You also have to snip the curves and “V” cut the base so that the seam allowance can fan out and reduce bunching :

One more note is that when sewing on the ties, angled them one scallop upwards to shorten the back. If you don’t shorten the back, it will kinda droop after you tie it. Not sure if it’s because I have a short back or what 🙂

I use linen ( <– affiliates link ) to sew up the dress and also the lining pcs. If you like it to be lighter, use a thinner lining. Please do share your tips on sewing scallops in the comments below and Happy Sewing !