Wall Art from Photowall ft. Collab + Discount Code !! ( n life update )

I did a collab with Photowall. They are a Swedish company that sells easy to install wall art with a pretty wild selection to choose from. At first I want to go for the wallpaper to cover this wall in my living room :


It has this sticker mark that looks like a giant zit ? I’ve tried numerous cleaning products on it. Nothing works. I think it’s because the wall is made from cement board and it just absorbs everything that lands on it. Anyhoo, my husband pointed out that the wall is sectioned and will be “difficult to wallpaper” . Thus planting a seed of doubt in my mind so I ended up ordering a poster. A beautiful one that is ! It’s easy to set up and it’s called ” Winter scape ” :

photowall poster winter scape smm

It comes in a kit so you’ll need just a hammer to set it up. BTW, Photowall also gave me a discount code to share. You can enter ” saltymom2020 ” and get a 25% discount on any of their products. Valid until 3rd of May 2020. ( I don’t make any cuts from the sales, disclosure fyi )

Here’s what the frame looks like :


Loosen the screws and take that sandwiched wood thingie out before installing the poster. The rod with the holes are for threading the rope :


Slot the rod with the screws facing upwards onto the back of the poster. A bit tricky here, but can be done with one set of hands :


Then place the wood thingie back inside, tighten the screws, and it’s done :


I have it hanging on the cork board in my craft area where it gets very messy. It hides all the clutter underneath.

It may seem out of place to write about collabs during this time. This project gives me a break from following the news. I really appreciate that and the free poster , Photowall !

In Thailand, we’ve been seeing a steady 100+ infections everyday for the past few days. Tighter measures are imposed to control this increase. The latest one being a curfew which starts from 10 pm to 4 am. We are already doing the work at home, stay at home thing; social distancing, hand washing, face mask thing ; educational institutions, non-essential businesses closed thing. These are just amongst all the other things that’s been in the doing ๐Ÿ™‚

Feeling a bit stressed, so I’ll leave with this video with calming music ๐Ÿ™‚ … until next time, please be safe !