Diy a Breathable Pleated Cloth Mask

This COVID-19 situation sucks. There has been this panic buying of face masks and now they are no where to be found. This puts people who are actually sick with no face masks to wear. I don’t feel comfortable when I head outside and see people coughing and sneezing with no protection on.  The mask I made is not to replace the medical grade masks. Whether you think a mask will help or not is up to you. Health officials said it is not necessary but you see medicare people wearing them as protective gears all the time. Who to believe ? This mask will just give you a most basic, physical barrier kind of protection.

It’s pleated so you can pull the bottom part all the way to under your chin. There is a wire to mold around nose. The elastic band is made in a loop, so when you wear it, it will fit snugly around the sides. The bottom part acts as a pocket to add or change filters.

What’s important here is the white non-woven fabric. This kind of fabric are made by bonding tiny fibers into a messy web, giving it filtering properties. I don’t know how many micros it can filter but it does the job better than woven materials.  It is light weight and  breathable. What’s more is that they also have water repellent properties :


You can use this fabric to make your mask 2 – 3 ply and it will still be breath-friendly. I use a gauze like fabric to make it look nice, but it is not necessary. The important fabric here is this non woven one.

*update* After some uses and washes, I found out the non woven material become less water repellent. I think it is better to add them in as a filter piece and discard them after use.

You can find this type of fabric in the form of cloth / bag covers. They do come in different weights, so choose one that is light weight. I am using left over fabric from my silica gel handbag .

So here is the video tutorial on how to sew it . I wish we all pass thru this crisis safe and sound .