Happy 2019 and a Free Download Bag Project

Happy New Year, everyone ! I turned my latest project into a full tutorial with a file download as a New Year’s present to you !

I’m not sure if you have seen this on pinterest ? It’s a small handbag / pouch that is like a silica gel packet ? It’s made from Tyvek ( a kind of waterproof paper fabric ) and it’s got that street look to it.

silica gel pouch1.jpg

However, on reading the reviews , people were not getting what they ordered. The bag came with all the spelling mistakes and in a different material. I know cuz I, too, got scammed *cryyyy* :

silica gel packet bag scam.jpg

The material is faux leather, the cheap kind. The zipper, not impressive.


So I thought I must rectify this. I use a decades old silica packet I have in my drawers and scale it up. Here is my version, modeled by the teen, soon to be the adult :

diy silica gel packet handbag by saltymom.net.jpg

Do you like it ? Here’s another photo, modeled by the other teen :

diy silica gel packet handbag saltymom.net.jpg

I didn’t have Tyvek, so I use this dust cover kind of fabric and sharpie the words on. I also filled it with styrofoam balls to make it look and feel legit.

The video tutorial :

and the pdf download can be found in my Google Drive link . Print settings is A4 paper . You just print the second page to trace out the words. The first page have all the measurements on it :

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 2.23.06 PM.png

I’ll add in the where to buy links a bit later. Have a great new year !

diy silica gel handbag pouch with free download pattern saltymom.net.png