DIY Cord Holders from Scrap Pleather, many styles + free pattern download

Another idea with a free pattern ! I was playing around with some scrap pleather that was to be discarded and came up with several styles of cord holders.

DIY cord holders from scrap pleather by

Second life for the scrap pleathers. We own so many things that need some cable management, don’t we?

First of, here’s the vid :

Showing the video first because I’m so excited of the little intro I made in the beginning. It’s “Love, Death + Robots” inspired. I think I watched all the intros in this series ( not all the episodes, but definitely the intros ). They are just so cool !

Okay, back to the tutorial. The pleather used are the rather thick and rigid ones because you need them to hold the shape. I couldn’t find scrap pleather on Etsy, but they have leather ones here and it’s sold by the pound. The most important measurement will be the circumference of the cords you are wrapping around. Just add some allowances at the ends to make a tab and a tail. However if you are using other closures, like snap buttons, then you install the buttons with the circumference’s measurement in between. Simple, right ?

If you have never work with snap buttons before, you can get this full kit that also comes with a hole punch. When setting the snaps, you’ll get better results if you hammer them down on a solid surface, like the floor.

Oh, all the links to Etsy are affiliate links. Thank you for your understanding. Here’s the link to the pattern download.  I scanned it in case you want to try it out and I left a little space for you to try out your own design 🙂

pleather scan

Have fun making ! Until next time 🙂