How to Turn a Doodle into a Pattern + Sewing a Baby Crown Pillow

I made this pillow set for my cousin’s baby :

diy baby crown pillow and cloud bolster pillow by

The center circle on the crown pillow was sewn by hand. As I was testing ways to sew it, I found out it can also be done by the sewing machine :

diy baby crown pillow.png

and that by making the shape more blocky, it can be transformed into a King’s version !

diy king baby crown pillow.jpg

In the tutorial below, I’ll show you how to grid your drawing and turn it into a sewing pattern …  because it’s fun to draw out a big pattern by hand !

Of course, if you don’t want to draw from scratch, you can print them out ( these are A4 size scans ). For the king’s version, I sew 4 stitches to create that “indent” in the middle of the crown.

Have fun making ! Love salty 🙂

diy baby pillows by with free patterns.jpg

I’ve also surf the net and found some cute baby pillows in this style. Clicking on the photo will open to Amazon, these are all affiliate links !