Thai Vegetarian Curry Noodles, Creamy Herbal Goodness

I love making this recipe just because of the finger roots :

They look like the beard on the octopus guy in Pirates of the Caribbean. This is called “krachai” in Thai and is known as the poor man’s ginseng. ( You can read up on the health benefits here .)  In this recipe, you will get a good dose of this wonder herb  in the form of tasty curry sauce !

The recipe is not complicated,  use a blender to make the curry paste with the below herbal concoction :

ingredients for thai curry noodles kanom jeen nam ya

Finger root 1.5-2 cups
Red Shallots 1/2 cup
Galangal 1″ knob
Thai garlic 1/4 cup
lemon grass 2 stalks
dried pepper 6-7 pc
salt 2 tsp
water 2 cups

This is a popular family-gathering food here in Thailand. We cook up a big pot of curry, fill a basket full of rice noodles and the topping is done buffet-style.

If you can find Thai garlic, use that even if it takes more work. They are tiny but the flavor, intense ! This curry paste is good for 2 pots. I boil up the whole batch and save half in the freezer for later.

To make the sauce, add coconut milk and your choice of filling bits ( soy protein, mushroom, tofu, beans, etc … ).  Toppings are usually bean sprouts, yard long beans, cabbages, pickled veggies, boiled eggs.

The recipe and how to is in the video below. ( watch this expanded !  it is in a square video format ! )   :