Making Baby Gifts and other DIY updates

I made a baby bolster pillow from a towel. It looks like this :

how to sew cloud pillow from towel.jpg

Imagine a baby sleeping with arms wrapped around a fluffy cloud, isn’t that sweet ? Here’s the pattern  ( print on A4 paper ) :

and how to make it :

I feel rusty, haven’t updated the blog for so long. I have blog absentee guilt mixed with writer’s block. Anyhoo, some tips on sewing weirdly shaped objects :

  • use small stitch length. 2 is good, you can turn your project around and won’t have to lift the sewing feet that much
  • to get a nice shape, cut slits on the seam allowances and trim off any excess on the corners. When you turn the whole thing out, the seams can fan out inside and not cause pulling on the outside ( wrinkles on the outside ).
  • I added lining as  protection from escaping stuffings. Since there are several layers , I baste them together so they become one. It makes sewing much easier.
  • I found out using a spoon as a basting tool works like heaven. No need to lift the fabric pieces.

Here are some cute nursery pillows I found on Amazon ( affiliates link ). They are all animal-themed 🙂 :

Other tutorials I made in the past weeks :

Bucket Bag with insert :

You can also make the pattern to whatever size you want. The base can be a square, triangle, not necessarily a circle :

It’s  good to start with a paper pattern. Then you can see how big it is and make adjustments on the way.

Lastly :

This is good stuff. A protein explosion. You really have to try this recipe !