DIY a Bamboo Bird Feeder

It’s hot out, so why not leave some food out for the birdies ? I would say the majority of the bird population in my area are house sparrows …

drenched house sparrow

” comb your hair ! “

that uneasy feeling house sparrow

that feeling you get when someone’s watching you

achoo house sparrow

” Ah-chooo ! “

We also got this guy visiting. He would make lots of noise if the bird feed’s empty.

yellow my lovebird for 2months

Whoever lost their bird, he was well fed for the past two months. He doesn’t come by anymore, we presumed that he’s been captured ( by one of our neighbors ).

I got the bamboo sticks from Chatuchak Market, at the gardening area next to the Or Tor Gor Fresh market. They are 50 baht  ( less than 2 US$ ) for a bunch. I built this to slot onto my clothing / drying rack. You can switch out the legs to longer ones and plant them in a flower pot instead.

Video here :

It would be so cool if crows come to visit. I read that they are actually very intelligent birds who have been given a negative reputation by fables and Edgar Allan Poe.