DIY a Paris Catwalk Bag from Market Bag

I was watching Casey Neistat on Youtube and spotted this beautiful bag on Candice :

balenciaga braza sighting.png

So cute ! The colors are so happy ! Then I remembered that this line of bag got their inspirations from Asian market bags, so I went to see if there are any green ones at Pahurat Rd… and I found one :

stripe mesh market bag original from pahurat.png

I took the whole bag apart ( keeping the zippers ) and added  2 sets of D-ring and bag clip and made this :

diy paris catwalk bag from mesh market bag by

The strap is 130 cm ; combined with the D-ring which is wide n tall and the bag clip which is long n thin, you can change the length of the bag strap. Just thread the bag clip thru the D-ring to the other side. I can do a triple wrap and get a clutch style bag.

The tutorial is here :

Additional notes :

  • The bag is made of nylon mesh and comes with a white plastic lining. For ease of sewing, after the pieces are cut out, zigzag the sides to keep them together
  • The bias binding was a bitch to sew. Really. My sewing machine doesn’t like it at all.
  • You can glue down the bias binding to keep it from moving. Just use regular latex glue ( white glue ). And wait for it to dry !
  • I use a seam allowance of 0.5 cm because the D-rings make it difficult for the sewing feet to pass through. You can increase the depth of the bag from 5 cm to maybe 6 cm  ? It will make sewing the sides easier.
  • I didn’t make the bag exactly like the designer’s brand. I did the bottom gusset style and bias-bonded the whole front and back in one piece.

I still have fabric left to make something… Maybe a tote bag ? Beach bag ? I don’t know.

DIY a ParisCatwalk Bag by