DIY A5 Planner + Notebooks with Free Printables !

Today’s DIY comes with free print-ables ! This A5 planner is made from cardboard fabric ( Kraft-tex type of fabric, affiliates link here ) and the elastic is done in Midori planner style. If you are looking for some non-leather planner cover, this one could be it ! I stringed it a bit differently where the loop that closes the book is part of the loops that holds the notebooks ( as in, one continuous length ).

The tutorial is here :

I tried adding 5 notebooks to it. It held up fine because the eyelets add strength. If you are afraid the glue won’t hold up the pockets , you can  stitch the sides up,  like in this beta version :

diy a5 planner cross stitched pockets.png


It came out quite cute but it was a pain to make. You have to plan where to start and end the stitches since both sides of the stitchings show. One more note, this fabric can be printed on. Haven’t tried that yet 🙂

The free printable :

I made this one to keep track of my youtube DIYs. Notes on dimensions , fonts, tags, etc …  So you print on both sides of A4 paper and when you make it into a booklet, there will be an empty page next to it to plan how to make the DIY.

( click to open file, then right click to save image )

youtube diy project planner printable

In the video, I trimmed down 0.5 cm from both the short side and the long side. This to make the pages not pour out of the book’s cover. So when I print it I use these settings :


The checklist are created with :

plus these settings to turn them into small notepad shapes :

how to print checklist free printable

Then just cut them out and use double side sticky tape or those re-stickable glue to add them to your notebooks.