DIY Brown Paper Bag Handbag

Today , at last, a new DIY ! I made a handbag that looks like a brown paper bag.

diy brown paper bag handbag by washable paper fabric diy brown paper bag handbag with quick release buckle adjustable straps

This is the same fabric used for the waist band tags on jeans and after crumbling them up, it crinkles up just like a paper bag ! It’s like working with thick paper, but with the added advantage of not tearing and also being washable. ( my affiliates link to where to find this fabric : here )

The first one I made, I tried to use the same method as making a paper bag. So after I sew up the side, I folded the bottom. Then instead of using glue, I use rivets to hold the bottom in place. Looks pretty cool this way but sadly, no one can see it cuz it’s on the BOTTOM !! brown paper bag handbag made from washable cardbroad fabric by

The one in the video tutorial is boxed bottom style, easier to make than the above.

Hope you enjoy !