DIY Updates :)

After making the woodbox handbag, which took me about a week of hammering and glueing, I did some simple but fun DIYs to recharge.

First one is a refashion of a maxi skirt. I found this forgotten baby after reading  Nana Cathy’s “17 for 2017” where one set of goals to be completed in 2017 was “4 good sort outs.” It reminded me that I haven’t done sort outs for a while. So I went and Kon Mari the hell out of the closet. XD , thanks for the idea !

That’s my ” look at my skirt ” pose.

Continuing on with the sort outs, I cleaned up one of my desk drawers and sliced up a cardboard box to make dividers  :

Yes, with 3 sliding trays ! They make good use of the vertical spaces and keep things neat. I’ll be doing more of this cardboard projects. My craft area really needs them !

If you plan on making cardboard projects, check out this youtube playlist by Jude Pullen. It’s got many tips on how to cut and glue cardboard.