DIY Wood Bag with Detachable Flaps and Straps

I made a full body wood bag with a coping saw + wood glue + nails. Can be done. But it was not easy. It looks like this :

diy wood bag with detachable leather flap and straps by

The leather flap is attached by velcro, so you can change the flaps out , like so :

diy wood bag with detachable flap and straps look 2 by

The denim belt loop on the front of the bag is nailed in place. The straps are double looped so that the ends goes back under the slot. The weight of the bag should keep it in place. It’s not 100% slip proof, but it is pretty sturdy.

It’s not very neat, but I like the rugged look of it šŸ™‚

diy wood bag with detachable flap and strap inner pocket look by

I also added inner pockets so there’s a place to chuck my cellphone.

The video tutorial is here :

Will be updating this post with notes. Gotta sleep now.

update ( feb 5, 2017 ) notes :

  1. When hand sawing, you don’t get perfect 90Ā° cuts or exact lengths. So, try to keep one side as perfect as possible by lining the factory cut side together. This will be the  “showing side “.
  2. After you nail a piece, check to see if it shifted its position. You can pound on it with a hammer to get it lined up before the glue dries ! ( found that out much, much later on in the project )
  3. I recommend starting with the base so you know exactly how wide the sides will be. I started with the sides and found out I have to saw a whole strip of wood horizontally to accommodate the width of the sides. (can be done with a cutter, but it was not fun)
  4. Try to get all the sides nailed in one whole piece. It’s easier to put the bag together this way and there won’t be gaps in between.
  5. For the flaps, choose materials that are sturdy and can stand up on its own.
  6. I sanded the whole bag with a hand file.

When I get bored of the original wood’s color, I’ll stain it in walnut color šŸ™‚ The bag is on the heavy side but it makes a great lap table when riding on the trains !